Our in house laboratory has a Lab Supervisor, one Phlebotomist, and two Lab Technicians. This team is always on the go to ensure our patients’ testing is completed efficiently and in a timely manner. The laboratory continues daily to keep up with compliance, accreditations and other certifications required by law.


Our X-ray technician has the knowledge base and experience necessary to ensure our patients’ images are done properly and efficiently. Our on-site X-ray department allows for patients’ images to be seen by their ordering provider immediately after the X-ray is completed.


Our nursing staff presents a friendly, knowledgeable, and skilled group of individuals that work hard to know and understand our patients’ needs. Pinon Family Practice sets a high standard of our nursing staff and they work hard to meet and exceed that expectation.

Medical Records

Our medical records department is responsible for all incoming and outgoing requested medical records. All requests are sent to the department for proper handling and ensuring that all state and federal guidelines are followed. The medical records department ensures the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH) requirements are met.


The billing department at Pinon Family Practice presents patients with well-educated staff that can navigate your account with ease, while explaining insurance processes clearly and easily. They also work hard to ensure that billing information is entered correctly prior to being sent to the insurance company, eliminating the concern of delayed processing and payments.


The face of Pinon Family Practice begins with our receptionist team. The front desk staff provide a range of services within our facility. They make certain that patient activities and procedures are met with the information needed to provide appropriate processing of patient appointments and demographic data, all while keeping the patient’s needs in mind.