Annette Randlemon

Certified Nurse Practitioner

Annette Randlemon is a native of Aztec America. She first went to school at UNM and earned a BS in nutrition and then got interested in nursing and went back to school to San Juan College for a nursing degree. She received her Master’s in Nursing from the University of Colorado.  She loves women’s health and has been practicing in this capacity for 20 years. She is able to relate to issues that many women have such as hormonal changes, life stressors and also enjoys helping young women with their contraceptive needs and questions in general.
She has been married to Randy for 41 years (since she was 2 years old  )  She has 3 children; Shea Adams who teaches first grade in Farmington, is married to Luke; Dan who lives in Oakland California and is a computer guy, married to Julianne; and Rye who is an accountant in Denver. Annette has 2 gifted grandchildren Sawyer 5 and Asher 3. She also is part owner of Pelle Spa where she is a certified injector for Botox and Juvederm.  Her favorite day would be sitting on the back porch with friends and family laughing while the kids play in the yard. Life is good.