Stephen Rankin


Dr. Stephen Rankin began by earning a degree in zoology from DePauw University in 1972. With a passion for medicine, he carried his education a step further to purse a Physician Assistant degree at Indiana University. Then, in 1993, he graduated at the University of New Mexico earning his MD. Dr. Rankin completed his internship and residency at the University of New Mexico and specializes in pediatrics. In addition to caring compassionately for children with complicated and difficult diseases, his overarching commitment is to create a population of young people who care naturally about their health and who want to learn to make the best choices for themselves as they grow up.
Dr. Stephen Rankin hails from Rockville, IN. He is married with five children and eight grandchildren. He is a Lobo Basketball fan, an advocate of organic gardening, and has been dedicated for the past 20 years to beekeeping.